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8th Jibe’s Beach Volleyball Tournament

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Net height measured, boundary lines in place, excited teams begin to arrive, what does it all mean? The 8th Jibes Suoi Nuoc Beach Volleyball tournament is about to get underway.  As the final call for registration was made with a total of 10 competing teams, some new, some event veterans. “Calling all team captains” and the draw commenced to see who would be battling it out in the first heats.

As is the way a “Double Elimination” tournament was run, the beauty of this system is not only more exciting but each and every team gets the chance to have a total of 2 losses before being eliminated from the comp. The games started red hot on court number one with the blow of the first whistle. Jibes put up a strong start in both sets against the mighty Pandanus but Jibes were soon relegated to the lower brackets as Pandanus closed in tight, refusing to  give their opponents an inch of space. The following action came thick and fast as games were run back to back using a two court system, the winners holding their top positions whilst the losers still had one chance left to take it all the way through to the finals.

At this point we must give some recognition to all our younger less seasoned teams coming from far and away. A new team for this year was from “The Interns”  currently visiting our local area on work experience from Hnam Chang Ngeh, Kon Tum, Hospitality Training.   Everyone was astounded by their motivation and the pure dedication this team brought to the event, truly outstanding. Magic Muc and Team Marin traveled all the way from Saigon to test their skills and what a difference they made to the ever increasing competitive level of the tournament.

First time entrants Dragon Beach managed to put together a killer team this year putting a lot of pressure in the first few games and panicking some of the more proficient teams into thinking they could be on the early bus home. Head Dragon coach Andras Miszori definitely had some secret game tactics up his sleeves, they will be a worry for the higher level teams next year, that is for sure. The Dragon Beach Vs Full Moon Village was a particularly close run game causing lots of fun if not a little anxiety.

The amazing Blue Ocean squad pulled out their ‘A’ game this year seeing a vast improvement from their previous years performance. One player in particular stood out “Miss Ha” took all her opponents by surprise with an aggressive defensive wall proving almost impossible to tear down.

After 8 punishing games all competitors temporarily retired to the comfort of Full Moon Village restaurant to get a well deserved energy boost of traditional Vietnamese beef soup “Bún Bò” something not to be missed if you are ever able to make a visit. Time waits for no man in this sport so it wasn’t long before the more serious games came under way.

This years tournament saw the classic favourites Victoria, Pandanus and Palimira. These three teams are well known for giving some close run nail bighting action and this year was no exception. As we drew closer to the finals we saw Victoria and Pandanus fighting for the last available position as the undefeated Palmira waited patiently to see which team they would be facing. Both Victoria and Pandanus played hard in a very close matched game, it was one of the most exciting semi  finals but on the final whistle it was Victoria who found themselves victorious (no pun intended).

Before we knew it the final was upon us. Victoria after already loosing once had to work extra hard throughout the entire tournament  to advance from the losers brackets, this in itself is an amazing achievement as they needed to play quite a few extra games obviously testing their fitness levels but as usual Victoria did not disappoint. Palmira were all in top fighting form and didn’t intend to take any prisoners. Victoria didn’t give in easily, they made Palmira sweat as the first set ended with Victoria 12 Palmira 15. It was vital that Palimra win the next set if they wanted to get an early lock in for first place on the podium and with such a close call in the first set this definitely caused Palmira some concern. As the game was stopped a number of times for team talks and strategy planning, the stress was starting to show as we could see this would be no easy win for Palmira. On the final whistle the champions were revealed to be once again undefeated for three consecutive years. Congratulations to the all powerful Palimira and their dominating style.

After an hour to freshen up teams returned excitedly awaiting the final results as tempting aromas of fresh BBQ drifted by and ice buckets were loaded up with the free flow beer. The ceremony opened with big thanks to all, especially our sponsors who provided an amazing array of luxury prizes from Hot Air Balloon rides to Sunset BBQs. We started with Pandanus  achieving a very respectful 3rd and taking home a number of prizes including four Sea Links Golf Vouchers. Next we congratulated Victoria for chasing the games all the way to the final. There was some amazing game play and we must thank Victoria for making the games even more exciting than usual. Victoria walked away with such prizes including Dragon Beach Vouchers four bottles of Bacardi as well as Blue Ocean Sunset BBQs for six. Then we come to the winners of “The 8th Jibes Suoi Nuoc Beach Volleyball Tournament”, the undefeated for three consecutive years and proving to be the team to beat for 2019 Palmira. Once gain their organisation and precision play proved too much for the other teams. Palmira not only took first place but they did it in style, without losing a single game. Although we have our sights set on Pandanus, Victoria or maybe even some fresh faces to give them a run for their money in 2019. Palmira were rewarded for their efforts with some amazing Hot Air Balloon rides care of “Vietnam Balloons“,  “Dragon Beach” vouchers for Red Label, “Full Moon Village” Vouchers, Magnum of Freixenet and the advantage of free entry in to next years tournament.

For all the teams that were unable to make it into the top three not one left with a disappointed face, as is tradition the award ceremony ended with a lucky draw giving not only the top 3 a chance to be winners. This year our lucky draw saw prizes such as accommodation vouchers and meals from Victoria Resort And Spa, Jibes Bach Club meal vouchers, Sea Links Golf Vouchers, accommodation vouchers from Vietnam Surf Camping,  we even had a special magnum of Freixenet (care of The Wharehouse) for the first unlucky team to be knocked out, so even team Magic Muc left with many smiles and happy memories. Big thanks to Marou Chocolate and Dragon Beach who also made sure each team was lucky enough to receive some of their great products and vouchers.

Meet our sponsors

Vietnam Balloon
Le Fruit Juice
Vietnam Surf Camping
Victoria Resort
Hoa Binh Security
Nga -Rice
The Warehouse Wine and Spirits
Thac Son Gasoline
Marou Chocolate
Sea links Golf and Country Club
Dragon Beach Bar
Full Moon Village
Blue Ocean Resort
Jibes Beach Club

Final Results
1st Palmira
2nd Victoria
3rd Pandanus
See you all next year for “The 9th Jibes Soui Nuoc Beach Volleyball Tournament” on the 6th July 2019.

19th Jibes Fun Cup

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Pre-sunrise, sweet smell of jet ski fuel, tired eyes scan the Starboard Isonic slalom board range taking an early gamble on the wind conditions yet to blow, you guessed it ‘The 19th Jibes Fun Cup’ is about to begin.

All forecasts point to some of the most serious riding conditions in the history of this two day event. Not to be deterred most competitors rigged up large camber sails, they knew that their riding was going to be pushed to the limits and beyond if the riders were to have any chance of walking away with this year’s top prizes. Meanwhile all buoys were in place for a traditional riding start followed by a four jibe downwind course.

The ten minute warning call was announced as riders from Vietnam, Russia, France, Korea, Thailand, Estonia, Germany, England, Spain, Canada and America all took to the water. Red flag and veterans to the Fun Cup all set their watches for the five minute countdown, the green flag is raised and so it began. The morning saw a total of 3 heats run back to back including both male and female categories, with 20+ knots and increasing swell height the competitors battled it out on the waters trying to secure a top position. After a quick lunch and a fast recharge all were recalled to the Judges table, motivated faces looked on awaiting the decision to run the second round of heats in ever increasing wind speeds and swell height.  They would not be left disappointed as riders took to the water for the final heats of the day.

The afternoon conditions were too much for some as the competition started to see a couple of early retirements. The action continued late into the afternoon as riders continued to battle it out to secure a good position for the start of the next day. The men’s division saw MAKSIM KOSHKIN, TRƯƠNG KỲ TÀI, ALEXEY TRUSOV, ILYA CHAIKA and SHAMIL AGEEV securing the top positions whilst TRẦN KIM CHI, IRINA GURKO, MARINA CIRERAPASCUAL and ANNA SAGULENKO showed us some of the most competitive racing so far for the women.

After a quick shower and change of clothes competitors and their families were shown a warm welcome to the ever Tropical Mini Golf, competitors feasted on the finest food and drinks giving them a well-deserved energy boost.

Saturday morning saw a slightly gentler start to the racing conditions, although forecasts were predicting stronger winds than the previous day, riders were left with the difficult decision on what sail to rig up, too small and they would be left at the back of the pack, too large and only the heaviest riders would be able to hold down the power.

As the day unfolded the stronger riders made themselves seen by repeatedly taking the top positions, there was very little in it as they made their final jibe heading full speed towards the finish line. Rumours and gossip spread amongst all but the final results would have to wait until the closing ceremony.


Jibes Beach Club hosted the after party in their usual ever impressive style, an amazing spread from tasty BBQ’s, Fresh Seafood, Fanny Ice Cream, Free Flow Tiger Draft and East West Craft Beers to mention but a few of the tasty delights. The evening’s entertainment started with the skills and talents of the Bien Xanh group from Binh Thuan Province and blind orphanage band, followed by Cacdemode swim wear show, Gwennili band and live DJ-ing by Dr Drew. Raffles, auctions and more raffles saw prize after prize being won and not only by the competitors.


Men’s Final Results:



Women’s Final Results




We would like to thank all the amazing sponsors who took the time and effort to support this great charity event. All proceeds go to Anh Sang orphanage for the blind, this is a very important organisation giving love, care and support to those less fortunate. We appreciate all sponsors, riders, spectators and organizers in keeping the support for this charity and the Fun Cup event so strong.

We hope to see you all and more for next years event 25-26th January 2019.

7th SSS Jibes Suoi Nuoc

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7Th SSS Jibes Suoi Nuoc


As tradition states, November is usually the month of choice for the best conditions for the Jibes Suoi Nuoc Surf comp. This year the swell Gods were a little late with their gifts and so we decided to lock in the comp for the 19th of December. The night before was a sign of things to come whilst competitors tried to get an early sleep serenaded by the soothing sounds of the crashing waves, we knew it was going to be a big day.

This years event saw a great mix of nationalities Australian, American, Russian, Portuguese and of course an ever increasing stream of talent coming from their home country of Vietnam.  Once all competitors had registered, the first 5 heats could begin. All were watching with great expectation as set after set came crashing down, the paddle out was a challenge even for the most hardened veterans of the sport.

After the completion of the first heats we had winners and losers.  Sky Rama, Truong Ky Tai, Tran Thanh, Olekssander Kovalenko, Joao Mibvel Agostiho, Phi, Sergey Liubimov and Aleksei Pankov all made it through the men’s heat. For the women’s we only had 2 competitors and so we decided to run a total of 2 heats for them making a total score to decide the winner, their first heat saw Anna Bezze taking the lead over Alexandra.

The 2nd round of heats saw some of the best surfing of the day with ever increasing swell size the remaining competitors were really pushing each other to their limits. The level of this years riding had certainly increased with riders committing to some of the heaviest waves so far, leaving some of the most spectacular wipe outs of the day.

The finals soon came into play leaving the 4 most talented riders to battle it out, Sky Rama, Alex Pankov, Truong Ky Tai and Tran Van for the men’s final. With Anna and Alexandra eagerly awaiting their final show down.

The mens and womens  final was nothing but spectacular as the riders wrestled for positions and points,  the finalist gave their all to see who wold take to the winners podium.


Men’s Results 

Sky Rama 1
Alek Pankov 2
Truong Ky Tai 3
Tran Van 4


Women’s Results 

Anna Bezze 1
Lalyuzhaya Alexandra 2


We usually run the SUP competition straight after the end of the surf comp but due to excessive wind and swell we decided to run the SUP category on the following morning which seemed to be a huge relief to all SUP competitiors.

Conditions were much more favourable for the SUPers cleaner faced waves with a slightly longer period giving them a better chance of getting to the line up. Even with these slighter easier conditions huge effort was needed by all riders just to get out. This year saw a mixed male and female SUP competition. Vladimir Undermount, Olekssandr Ocefizenko, Mikhail Kravchenko, Chistyakov Pavel, Chaika Ilia, Joao Mibvel Agostiho Vinbilio, Dmitry Polunin and Fu Sumsion.

The event was split into 2 heats seeing 4 competitors making it through into the final. At this point I would like to extend huge respect to Fu Sumsion who’s efforts to paddle through the immense swell and current deserve special mention.

The final consisted of  Dimitry Polunin, Joao Vinbilio, Chaika Ilya and Mikhail. Riders caught wave after wave showing us the technical skills needed to take off on waves that seemed to be providing a 90 degree drop. Waves were caught and points were awarded, through out the final there was very little in it to separate these high level riders, but one ride in particular stood out from the rest.


SUP Results 

Joao Mibvel Agostiho 1
Dmitry Polunin 2
Chaika Iliya 3
Mikhail Kravchenko 4










Organizers would like to take this opportunity to thank all our amazing sponsors who make this event possible. This year saw lots of great prizes such as: ISAW cameras, Restaurant vouchers, Hotel vouchers, Green fee vouchers, LIP Sunglasses, Bar and Drinks vouchers to mention just a few.

LIP Sunglasses
The Wharehouse
Le Fruit 
Dragon Beach
Blue Ocean
Tiên Minh Phú
Hồ Thị Ngọc Nga
Full Moon Village
Jibe’s Beach Club
Full Moon Beach
Sea Links 
Whale Village 

Now you have 12 months more to focus on your surf skills and maybe next year it will be you stepping up to the podium to collect your prize. Big thanks to all riders, spectators, sponsors and organizers.


See you next year 🙂

RRD Russian Cup

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RRD Russian Cup. Vetratoria, Dolzhanskaya spit, Russia. 7-17 September, 2017.


It looks like wind is teasing competitors and organisation team of RRD Russian Cup – third year in a row only little wind during the competitions. However, this year, the only one windy day was fully used – 8 marathon races were held. From 7 am till 6 pm 63 competitors were trying to do their best in very good slalom conditions – 18-22 knot and flat water.








Marathon distance was approximately 16 km and it took about 18 minutes for the winner to go through it. After short lunch brake, races were shorter and actually it was a big slalom. The fleet was traditionally divided into PRO category and Amateurs, moreover there were awards for the best in Masters, Youth and Ladies categories.








The next day few light-wind slalom races were held and finally they were rewarded as Fun races.

On the other no-wind days, there were SUP races, volleyball tournament and RRD Foil testing, so competitors have lots of fun.

Results were not surprising: 1st place in PRO took Sergey Makarenko, 1st Amateur was Sergey Dyakov who won The Prise – RRD Hydrofoil, and the first in Woman category was Anna Sagulenko. Congratulations fro the winners! Overall results here: http://russia.vetratoria.ru/page/rezultaty-sorevnovaniy.php















Traditionally, Opening and Prize-giving ceremony continued with Potatoes and Mohito party on the beach. As always, organization of RRD Slalom cup was at its best. The only thing we can wish for is more wind next year. Thanks for everybody and see you next September at the Vetratoria Russia!



7th Jibe’s Beach Volleyball Tournament

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As the morning sun shines its rays upon the Suoi Nuoc bay signalling the start of the 7th Jibe’s Suoi Nuoc Beach Volleyball Tournament. The official registration desk opened to excited coloured coded teams eager to get the games under way and keeping within the spirit of the tournament of having a great day, attracting both locals and those from further away to come together to celebrate the Vietnamese beach life style in a competitive and always fun way.


This year was a record breaker with a total of 10 teams competing, some familiar faces and some new fresh teams all ready to prove themselves on the courts (KTA Media, Heat Time, Blue Ocean, Truong Dinh, Vietnam Balloon and Surf4U). Not only did we see many new faces but a brand new and exciting title sponsored “Vietnam Balloon” generously provided some once in a life time hot air balloon flights as first prize as well as other balloon flights to be won for 2nd and 3rd also a few tickets for these flights were offered as part of the lucky draw (open to spectators).


The event was run as a Ten Team Double Elimination Tournament, the beauty of this type of tournament is that it gives every single team the chance to lose once and still have a re-entry with the opportunity to improve their ranking and to maybe even take it all the way to the final, with each team being guaranteed at least 2 games. To start the event team captain took a number from a hat (blind draw) to determine their first game and their first opponent.


One of the very first games saw two of the strongest teams in the event face each other (Palmira v’s Pandanus), so we knew at this point at least one of the stronger teams would be knocked down into the loser’s bracket, great news for the not so experienced teams. This game saw Pandanus get knocked down and so they took their place inline to await their second chance.


After the first few games had been played we began to see the weaker teams drop down the rankings as the stronger teams powered through. It is a this point we must show our recognition to the amazing Blue Ocean team, a brand new team for this year, mainly made up of younger inexperienced players, their performance certainly did not give this impression as they gave it their all using every skill they had and making it very respectfully into the 3rd round before being knocked out of the games by Pandanus.


As the games continued the pressure increased.Truong Dinh another new comer excelled showing the veteran teams that this was not a time to sit back and relax.Truong Dinh made it all the way to the semi-finals but due to complications beyond their control they had to pull out early giving Victoria an open pass all the way to the finals.


And so the finals began. This show down was between the as of yet unbeaten Palmira and the courageous Victoria who had already fought back hard to get back into the finals after losing one of their previous games. Victoria played well but signs of fatigue were already beginning to show, even in this situation Victoria still made Palmira work hard for each and every point. The first set saw Palmira scrape a win with 15 points to 10. Palmira knew that it was necessary to win the second set if they wanted to seal the first place position, a loss at this stage would see another set having to be played giving Victoria the chance to steal the tournament.  Set 2 ended with Palmira hitting the 15 points whilst Victoria managed a very respectful 8 points and taking an overall second place.


Closing ceremonies soon got under way with excited faces not only wanting to know final scores but also what amazing prizes were about to come their way. The usual array of fantastic prizes and gifts were available as well as a free entry lucky draw open to all spectators, giving everyone the chance to win a free flight, luxury accommodation, restaurant vouchers etc.

The organizers would like to extend a very warm thank you to all the amazing sponsors for this year’s event, prizes varied from free Hot Air Balloon rides, Green fees, Accommodation vouchers from some of the most prestigious resorts in the area, Evening meals, Drinks vouchers, Mini golf vouchers to name but a few. It is always very important that we make sure each and every team leaves with some lovely gifts even if they were not able to make it to the final.  The sponsors kindness and support goes such a long way in enabling the organisers to make this tournament possible, so we would like to take this time to thank:

Vietnam Balloon
Le Fruit Juice
Whale Village Guesthouse
Pandanus Resort & Spa
Victoria Resort
Hoa Binh Security
Fanny Ice Cream
Coca cola
Nga -Rice
The Warehouse Wine and Spirits
Hallo Muine Food Delivery
Chouchou Paris candied peanuts
Marou Chocolate
Sea links Golf and Country Club
Dragon Beach Bar
Takalau Residence & Resort
Tropical Mini Golf
Gia Thin


As is tradition for this event, the evening party saw lots of free wine and beer available this really helps to keep the players batteries charged so they can make the most of the delicious buffet provided by Full Moon Village, once gain the choice and quality of delectable food left all with smiling faces and big bellies. The lucky draw provided those unable to play with the opportunity to win some great prizes also, no one needed to leave empty handed. Final congratulations go to all involved but especially to Palmira for their win securing free entry into next year’s event (7th July 2018). Get training and let’s make 2018 Beach Volley Ball another event to remember!!!!

Final Results

1st Palmira
2nd Victoria
3rd Truong Dinh
4th Pandanus
6th Blue Ocean
6th Balloon Vietnam
8th Surf 4 U
8th Jibes
10th KTA
10th Heat Time

1st Mui Ne Windsurf Race Series

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This year we are very pleased to announce the introduction of “The Mui Ne Windsurf Race Series” created and managed by Pascal Lefebvre of Jibes Beach Club. This race series is a combination of three windsurf events held each year in Mui Ne. The points are taken from each event Surf4You Cup, Vetratoria Russian Cup and Jibes Vietnam Fun Cup, tabulated to get the top three winners all receiving very substantial cash prizes. There is no entry fee for the series meaning as long as competitors compete in at least one of the three regular race events then they automatically qualify for the Race Series.

This, the first years race series was a great success, riders built up their rankings over the seasons selected events to produce the top 3 winners. This year the series managed to raise 30,000,000 VND in prize money, not bad for the first series but we are always looking for more sponsors to share, enjoy and promote this event in any way possible. We have great expectations for this new Race Series both for competitors participation and expect a big increase in prize money, keep tuned in for updates and information.

1st Prize: 12,500,000 VND
2nd Prize: 10,000,000 VND
3rd Prize: 7,500,000 VND

For further sponsorship information or if you would like to kow more about entering the upcoming series please contact Pascal (Pascal@windsurf-vietnam.com) or Adie (Adie@jibesbeachclub.com)

18th Jibes Vietnam Fun Cup 2017

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05.30 am pitch black, most are still sleeping, tired eyes arriving early at Jibes Beach Club to reserve what they feel will be the best board and sail choice for the day, “The 18th Jibes Vietnam Windsurf Fun Cup” is about to begin.


This year we saw entries from 11 different countries (Vietnam, Russia, USA, Thailand, Netherlands, Canada, France, Israel, Germany, Catalonia and Estonia), great to see so many different nationalities brought together by their passion for windsurfing.

Conditions this year did not disappoint, clean steady wind with a much smaller swell than previous years, competitors could focus more on fine tuning their rigs to produce maximum speeds with the added benefit of flatter riding conditions. The usual downwind slalom course was used with a total of 4 Jibes.

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2017 King Of The Bay (SUP)

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Early morning, flat water and very light wind it can only mean “The 2017 King Of The Bay “ SUP competition.

Equipment checked and boards lined up, the time counted down before the air horn sounded for a beach start (Surf4you). All competitors grabbed their gear and sprinted into the water to try and get ahead of the pack for a clean start. The best boards for a long distance SUP race are designed specifically for this discipline, focus is on making the most aquadynamic shape to cut through the waters but at the same time making sure the most light weight materials are used. Over the past few years more intense research has been going into inflatable boards www.star-board-sup.com/2017/board/11-6-x-30-touring-inflatable/, obviously this is all about keeping them light weight, top manufactures of this equipment currently used in this competition were Starboard, JP and Jimmy Lewis.

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The 6th SSS Competition

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The 6th Jibes Sunrise Surf & SUP

jibes-surf26 jibes-surf18 jibes-surf17 jibes-surf10

This year the competition was held towards the end of November on the beautiful beach of Full Moon Village Suoi Nuoc. We held out as long as we could for the best conditions and the waves did not disappoint, neither did the competitors. We saw a definite increase in local Vietnamese riders, great to see local enthusiasm from some of the best Vietnamese riders in the country. Other nationalities included Russia, America, United Kingdom, Indonesia, Italy and Spain, making for a great mix of nationalities sharing their passion together. With over 32 competitors we knew this was going to be one of the most exciting Surf competitions seen so far. We were also very happy to announce that this year’s event would be professionally supported and recorded by Rufus Blackwell, using the very latest in DJI Drone and sport media technology, keep your eyes open for the final cut in and amongst the action, coming soon.

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Jibes & Full Moon Village Volleyball 2016

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The event started off seeing the previous winners Pandanus using their free entry prize from last year to battle it out on the courts for a repeat result.

This year saw seven teams competing in a double elimination event giving each team the chance of winning the tournament even if they have had a loss along the way, with extra excitement and pressure being put on the leading teams not to relax too much.

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