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1st Mui Ne Windsurf Race Series

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This year we are very pleased to announce the introduction of “The Mui Ne Windsurf Race Series” created and managed by Pascal Lefebvre of Jibes Beach Club. This race series is a combination of three windsurf events held each year in Mui Ne. The points are taken from each event Surf4You Cup, Vetratoria Russian Cup and Jibes Vietnam Fun Cup, tabulated to get the top three winners all receiving very substantial cash prizes. There is no entry fee for the series meaning as long as competitors compete in at least one of the three regular race events then they automatically qualify for the Race Series.

This, the first years race series was a great success, riders built up their rankings over the seasons selected events to produce the top 3 winners. This year the series managed to raise 30,000,000 VND in prize money, not bad for the first series but we are always looking for more sponsors to share, enjoy and promote this event in any way possible. We have great expectations for this new Race Series both for competitors participation and expect a big increase in prize money, keep tuned in for updates and information.

1st Prize: 12,500,000 VND
2nd Prize: 10,000,000 VND
3rd Prize: 7,500,000 VND

For further sponsorship information or if you would like to kow more about entering the upcoming series please contact Pascal (Pascal@windsurf-vietnam.com) or Adie (Adie@jibesbeachclub.com)

18th Jibes Vietnam Fun Cup 2017

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05.30 am pitch black, most are still sleeping, tired eyes arriving early at Jibes Beach Club to reserve what they feel will be the best board and sail choice for the day, “The 18th Jibes Vietnam Windsurf Fun Cup” is about to begin.


This year we saw entries from 11 different countries (Vietnam, Russia, USA, Thailand, Netherlands, Canada, France, Israel, Germany, Catalonia and Estonia), great to see so many different nationalities brought together by their passion for windsurfing.

Conditions this year did not disappoint, clean steady wind with a much smaller swell than previous years, competitors could focus more on fine tuning their rigs to produce maximum speeds with the added benefit of flatter riding conditions. The usual downwind slalom course was used with a total of 4 Jibes.

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