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7th SSS Jibes Suoi Nuoc

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7Th SSS Jibes Suoi Nuoc


As tradition states, November is usually the month of choice for the best conditions for the Jibes Suoi Nuoc Surf comp. This year the swell Gods were a little late with their gifts and so we decided to lock in the comp for the 19th of December. The night before was a sign of things to come whilst competitors tried to get an early sleep serenaded by the soothing sounds of the crashing waves, we knew it was going to be a big day.

This years event saw a great mix of nationalities Australian, American, Russian, Portuguese and of course an ever increasing stream of talent coming from their home country of Vietnam.  Once all competitors had registered, the first 5 heats could begin. All were watching with great expectation as set after set came crashing down, the paddle out was a challenge even for the most hardened veterans of the sport.

After the completion of the first heats we had winners and losers.  Sky Rama, Truong Ky Tai, Tran Thanh, Olekssander Kovalenko, Joao Mibvel Agostiho, Phi, Sergey Liubimov and Aleksei Pankov all made it through the men’s heat. For the women’s we only had 2 competitors and so we decided to run a total of 2 heats for them making a total score to decide the winner, their first heat saw Anna Bezze taking the lead over Alexandra.

The 2nd round of heats saw some of the best surfing of the day with ever increasing swell size the remaining competitors were really pushing each other to their limits. The level of this years riding had certainly increased with riders committing to some of the heaviest waves so far, leaving some of the most spectacular wipe outs of the day.

The finals soon came into play leaving the 4 most talented riders to battle it out, Sky Rama, Alex Pankov, Truong Ky Tai and Tran Van for the men’s final. With Anna and Alexandra eagerly awaiting their final show down.

The mens and womens  final was nothing but spectacular as the riders wrestled for positions and points,  the finalist gave their all to see who wold take to the winners podium.


Men’s Results 

Sky Rama 1
Alek Pankov 2
Truong Ky Tai 3
Tran Van 4


Women’s Results 

Anna Bezze 1
Lalyuzhaya Alexandra 2


We usually run the SUP competition straight after the end of the surf comp but due to excessive wind and swell we decided to run the SUP category on the following morning which seemed to be a huge relief to all SUP competitiors.

Conditions were much more favourable for the SUPers cleaner faced waves with a slightly longer period giving them a better chance of getting to the line up. Even with these slighter easier conditions huge effort was needed by all riders just to get out. This year saw a mixed male and female SUP competition. Vladimir Undermount, Olekssandr Ocefizenko, Mikhail Kravchenko, Chistyakov Pavel, Chaika Ilia, Joao Mibvel Agostiho Vinbilio, Dmitry Polunin and Fu Sumsion.

The event was split into 2 heats seeing 4 competitors making it through into the final. At this point I would like to extend huge respect to Fu Sumsion who’s efforts to paddle through the immense swell and current deserve special mention.

The final consisted of  Dimitry Polunin, Joao Vinbilio, Chaika Ilya and Mikhail. Riders caught wave after wave showing us the technical skills needed to take off on waves that seemed to be providing a 90 degree drop. Waves were caught and points were awarded, through out the final there was very little in it to separate these high level riders, but one ride in particular stood out from the rest.


SUP Results 

Joao Mibvel Agostiho 1
Dmitry Polunin 2
Chaika Iliya 3
Mikhail Kravchenko 4










Organizers would like to take this opportunity to thank all our amazing sponsors who make this event possible. This year saw lots of great prizes such as: ISAW cameras, Restaurant vouchers, Hotel vouchers, Green fee vouchers, LIP Sunglasses, Bar and Drinks vouchers to mention just a few.

LIP Sunglasses
The Wharehouse
Le Fruit 
Dragon Beach
Blue Ocean
Tiên Minh Phú
Hồ Thị Ngọc Nga
Full Moon Village
Jibe’s Beach Club
Full Moon Beach
Sea Links 
Whale Village 

Now you have 12 months more to focus on your surf skills and maybe next year it will be you stepping up to the podium to collect your prize. Big thanks to all riders, spectators, sponsors and organizers.


See you next year 🙂