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19th Jibes Fun Cup

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Pre-sunrise, sweet smell of jet ski fuel, tired eyes scan the Starboard Isonic slalom board range taking an early gamble on the wind conditions yet to blow, you guessed it ‘The 19th Jibes Fun Cup’ is about to begin.

All forecasts point to some of the most serious riding conditions in the history of this two day event. Not to be deterred most competitors rigged up large camber sails, they knew that their riding was going to be pushed to the limits and beyond if the riders were to have any chance of walking away with this year’s top prizes. Meanwhile all buoys were in place for a traditional riding start followed by a four jibe downwind course.

The ten minute warning call was announced as riders from Vietnam, Russia, France, Korea, Thailand, Estonia, Germany, England, Spain, Canada and America all took to the water. Red flag and veterans to the Fun Cup all set their watches for the five minute countdown, the green flag is raised and so it began. The morning saw a total of 3 heats run back to back including both male and female categories, with 20+ knots and increasing swell height the competitors battled it out on the waters trying to secure a top position. After a quick lunch and a fast recharge all were recalled to the Judges table, motivated faces looked on awaiting the decision to run the second round of heats in ever increasing wind speeds and swell height.  They would not be left disappointed as riders took to the water for the final heats of the day.

The afternoon conditions were too much for some as the competition started to see a couple of early retirements. The action continued late into the afternoon as riders continued to battle it out to secure a good position for the start of the next day. The men’s division saw MAKSIM KOSHKIN, TRƯƠNG KỲ TÀI, ALEXEY TRUSOV, ILYA CHAIKA and SHAMIL AGEEV securing the top positions whilst TRẦN KIM CHI, IRINA GURKO, MARINA CIRERAPASCUAL and ANNA SAGULENKO showed us some of the most competitive racing so far for the women.

After a quick shower and change of clothes competitors and their families were shown a warm welcome to the ever Tropical Mini Golf, competitors feasted on the finest food and drinks giving them a well-deserved energy boost.

Saturday morning saw a slightly gentler start to the racing conditions, although forecasts were predicting stronger winds than the previous day, riders were left with the difficult decision on what sail to rig up, too small and they would be left at the back of the pack, too large and only the heaviest riders would be able to hold down the power.

As the day unfolded the stronger riders made themselves seen by repeatedly taking the top positions, there was very little in it as they made their final jibe heading full speed towards the finish line. Rumours and gossip spread amongst all but the final results would have to wait until the closing ceremony.


Jibes Beach Club hosted the after party in their usual ever impressive style, an amazing spread from tasty BBQ’s, Fresh Seafood, Fanny Ice Cream, Free Flow Tiger Draft and East West Craft Beers to mention but a few of the tasty delights. The evening’s entertainment started with the skills and talents of the Bien Xanh group from Binh Thuan Province and blind orphanage band, followed by Cacdemode swim wear show, Gwennili band and live DJ-ing by Dr Drew. Raffles, auctions and more raffles saw prize after prize being won and not only by the competitors.


Men’s Final Results:



Women’s Final Results




We would like to thank all the amazing sponsors who took the time and effort to support this great charity event. All proceeds go to Anh Sang orphanage for the blind, this is a very important organisation giving love, care and support to those less fortunate. We appreciate all sponsors, riders, spectators and organizers in keeping the support for this charity and the Fun Cup event so strong.

We hope to see you all and more for next years event 25-26th January 2019.