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10th Beach Volleyball Competition

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08.00am 4th July 2020, courts are ready and refreshments are chilling, it can only mean the start of the 2020 Jibes Suoi Nuoc Beach Volleyball Competition, 10th Edition is about to get underway.

The run up to this years event began with some nerves, concerns were there would not be enough teams to run the event due to the current international situation. Thankfully it didn’t beat us, we started the competition with a total of 6 great teams which meant we had more than enough to get started.

We ran a double elimination meaning each team gets the chance to achieve one loss and still has a chance to keep playing, make it to the final and even win.

Competitors in their usual spirits didn’t hold back and set the bar high from the very start. New teams this year included ‘Notorious D.I.G’  a great Canadian team of teachers coming down from HCMC, ‘Lucky Guys/Yuri Team’ also arrived as a new team little did we know what they had in store for us.

As the first games were played it was obvious that we had some very high level skills and that the 1st place could be any ones.

As the results started to come, teams making it through and others being relegated to the losers brackets, it was time for everyone to give their energy levels a boost care of Full Moon Village restaurant  and Le Fruit who kept everyone at their peak performance by supplying some of their very latest natural juices and energy boosts.

With a whistle blow the games commenced on center court. Not long into the afternoon we saw our first team to be eliminated, round of applause and huge thanks to the Jibes team this year, they gave it all they had and put up a good fight but their time had come to join the spectator line.

Afternoon game play came thick and fast as we started to see more teams being eliminated. It came down to 4 power teams to fight out the final rounds, Palmira 1, Palimra 2, Notorious D.I.G  and Lucky Guys (Yuri Team). Notorious played an amazing game with dedication and high level game play but to a huge round of applause it was time for Notorious D.I.G to take an early shower. Well played Notorious, amazing team and amazing game play. We have a feeling next year they may just make it to the podium.  

The ever powerful Lucky Guys (Yuri Team) just wouldn’t give up with Palmira 2 being there next victim. Palmira 2 was a force to be reckoned with but the Lucky Guys managed to shut them down enabling them to lock in a very respectful 3rd place.

Then came the final, Lucky Guys v’s Palmira 1. This was possibly the most exciting final ever based over the last 10 years of the competition.  Both teams were not prepared to accept defeat as the battle commenced. First game locked in a win for Palmira 1 only to have the Lucky Guys snatch it straight back on the next game. With each team confirming  a win the whole competition came down to just one and final game. Lucky Guys played some of the most technical and organized game play, not letting up for 1 second. Unfortunately signs of fatigue were starting to set in and the pressure being brought by Palmira 1 was just too much to take. The final game was won by Palmira 1 by the smallest of margins locking their victory by just a 2 point lead.

After a quick freshen up and a couple of well deserved beers thanks to Black Cats Brewery we were all set to hand out the awards. The beauty of all our events is that you don’t have to be on the podium to receive some amazing prizes from our fantastic sponsors. This year we were blessed with a treasure trove, ranging from hotel vouchers care of Mui Ne Hills, Victoria, Full Moon Village, Full Moon Beach, Ivory Falls, Palmira Resort and Vietnam Surf Camping. Le Fruit supplied all competitors high energy natural juices throughout the day which for sure gave the teams that extra boost to play to their maximum performance. Black Cats and The Warehouse with great generosity made sure the evening event took off with a bang with some of the best locally brewed craft beer and some of the finest imported wines . The fabulous Blue Ocean once again made sure some lucky winners would be enjoying a beach side seafood buffet as the sun goes down, Tropical Mini Golf gave 3 lucky teams the the opportunity to try their hand and skills with a different sport in one of the most tropical settings in the local area. The very special Sea Links Golf Course gave 4 lucky players the chance to T-off on one of the most beautiful courses in Asia. Dragon Beach made sure not one competitor was left out with there superb drinks vouchers, gave everyone the chance to check out the number one night spot.

Huge thanks to all teams, all spectators and all the amazing sponsors that enable this event to go ahead is such a fun and friendly manner year after year. We hope to see you all again and there is no time like the present to get training, 11th Edition will beheld on the 3rd of July 2021.