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What is the right height for your boom?

Getting your boom height right is once again one of the most important parts of setting and tuning your rig, even 2cm up or down will effect the way your rig feels and can either help or hinder your enjoyment.

An easy guide to get you started in roughly the right height is to stand on your board, (non planing stance), on the beach (be careful of that fin) with your feet just in front of the straps. If you are able to hook into your harness and begin to test the boom height by increasing or decreasing until you feel that you are just at the beginning of being suspended from the harness lines.

Another useful technique is to raise or lower the boom so that it is at your shoulder height whilst standing on the board  next to your rig with the sail position straight upright, you can then experiment a little higher until you find the right height for you. If you are using  larger boards or a larger sized sail then for sure you will want to set the boom a little higher than shoulder height. The first technique is a little more relative as you are also tuning the boom height with the length of your harness lines.

Of course there are always variations to the rule, usually these are concerned with wave riding or speed sailing but that is a subject in it’s own right that we will talk about in more detail later.

The key to finding the perfect boom height for you and your rig is to experiment as much as you can focusing on making small increases or decreases until you hit the sweet spot. This can now be done in the water and is definitely worth the effort.