Jibes Beach Club


The Phantom 295 is a complete windsurfing package that includes a revolutionary racing board design and a complete rig.

The class positions itself as a feeder to many other established classes: the Formula class, the RS:X, PWA Slalom and the Raceboard class. The Phantom 295 class is fun, social and competitive on one hand, and a stepping stone towards other classes on the other hand.

The Phantom 295 board design and its flex-tip daggerboard make the Phantom 295 truly standout as a totally revolutionary hybrid.

How does it feel?

A nice balanced gliding feel upwind in light winds.

As soon as a little breeze comes the rails wants to angle itself up deliver exciting railing sensations. With a bit more wind the daggerboard retracts and the hull planes up early with great power around the tail part, delivering an enjoyable and fun upwind ride.

On the reach the revolutionary winger concept creates a lift and amazing sailing sensation which makes the Phantom 295 the most versatile board in the history of Starboard.

The rig is based on the award winning Severne Turbo sails design and gives that extra light and lively feel.

The Phantom 295 is a pet project that we are very proud of and wish to share with freeriders and regatta sailors the world over.