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Bandit 2017: Upto 50% off.

10 years of BANDIT!.

For its tenth edition, F-One wanted the BANDIT to keep all its qualities but become even easier and more comfortable to fly. Because, whether we are thinking of the pro-riders, ourselves or our customers, having a more comfortable and intuitive kite is a bonus whatever your level.

– A new squarer outline
– Less lateral pull for a new level of comfort
– A smooth, homogeneous but powerful traction
– Speed and acceleration are under control
– An efficient and reassuring stability even when over-powered
– Light and maneuverable while being predictable
– Improved and easy hangtime

Airush Logo-01

Airush: Upto 50% off.

Varial X, Lithium and The Razor


Xenon Kiteboards Upto 50%

La Luz


Severne Sails: Upto 50% off

“Severne sails and boards are far more than just windsurf equipment – it’s a state of mind – that’s why we focus on the windsurf kit we know and love the most. The windsurf world’s changing – change with it.”Neil Greentree is a Severne product expert



Starboard inovation and quality: Upto 50% off.

Quad IQ 87 2011
Quad IQ 92 2011
kode 80 Technora 2012
Kode 86 Technora 2011
Flare 91 Wood Carbon 2012
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