Jibes Beach Club


“Jibe’s offers windsurf lessons both beginner and advanced courses. We  use the very latest equipment and high level professional instructors, enabling you to get out and improve your level with confidence and safety”.

Is windsurfing difficult, and how long does it take to learn?

-Windsurfing is one of the easiest ocean sports to learn at the beginner level if done in the right conditions (flat water, light winds). Most students are able to take the gear out on their own after 2 or 3 lesson hours. After that you can enjoy renting the gear, or take further lessons if you wish to progress faster.

What do I need to bring?

-Just sunscreen and clothing you are comfortable in. A lycra (or T-shirt) and swim shorts is fine.

What about scheduling?

-We schedule the lessons to give you the best conditions for your level. This usually means that beginners will start lessons early in the day, when we have gentle wind and less waves- either in front of Jibe’s, or at our flat water teaching spot. Each day’s “Lesson Line-Up” schedule is posted with names and times.

What kind of equipment will we use?

-Jibe’s is equipped with very stable, beginner-specific boards and light sails which make learning easy. After your lesson you may rent the beginner gear, or as you progress, smaller boards and more powerful sails.

What if I have some experience already?

-We’ll be happy to get you going comfortably in our location and help you to improve your skills. You may have had some lessons long ago, or sailed in different conditions and could benefit from some coaching. If you have enough experience that you are able stay upwind in the conditions of the day, we won’t require lessons before you rent the gear.

What about the shorebreak and waves?

-This won’t be an issue for your lesson. We will either take you to our flat-water location, schedule your lesson for the most suitable time of day, or provide you with gear that will give you extra stability if the water is slightly choppy. We will not waste your time by taking you out in conditions that are not suitable for beginners.

Do I need to know how to swim?

-Yes, for this or any watersport it is important that you are comfortable in the water and able to swim around and under the water to organise your gear in ocean waters. If you are not confident in your ability to swim, or if your experience is limited to swimming pools, we recommend that you practice in the ocean until you are comfortable.

Anna Sagulenko (Russia) Beginner/Intermediate/Advanced lessons.
Windsurfing for more than 15 years, has taken part in hundreds of competitions in Olympic class (Mistral One Design and later RS:X), including European Champs, World Champs. Last 5 years changed from Olympic windsurfing to slalom, (1st-2nd places). Previous autumn won RRD Cup Russian overall ranking.

Started as an instructor in 2010 in Sevastopol (home spot), then worked in Egypt and in different schools in Russia. For two previous years lead the children’s summer camp. “Every lesson I try to pass my passion for windsurfing to my students and nothing makes me more happy to see my students enjoying windsurfing as much as I do”.


Matt “Matt-O” Kwantes (Canada), Beginner/Intermediate lessons.
Since 2003 Matt has helped thousands of Jibe’s students learn windsurfing, kitesurfing, catamaran sailing, and SUP. His specialty is in creating effective teaching procedures, and training people to find the best ways to improve their skills: “A good instructor needs to be a student of the learning process, and understand how it applies to each unique individual in their own way.”

Matt led Jibe’s kite school for its first eight years, developing best teaching and safety practices and training instructors. He’s been windsurfing for 10 years; after taking over windsurf instruction for Jibe’s in 2013 Matt now loves to spend most of his time on the water with windsurfing.